Dear Partners,

It's with mixed emotions that we share an update with our community: As of 30th December 2023, our platform has concluded its chapter. Looking back, every milestone we celebrated and every challenge we faced was enriched by your presence and participation.

Every journey has its unique chapters of exploration and learning. There were times when our path was not straightforward, but your unwavering support always served as our guiding star. Each piece of feedback, every message, and interaction wasn't just a touchpoint for us - they've become cherished memories and invaluable lessons that often propelled us forward.

From the depths of our hearts, we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU. You've been a central part of our story, guiding us through our narrative, rejoicing in the peaks, and offering patience through the valleys. Let’s cherish the beautiful tales we've woven together, the challenges we embraced, and the profound connections we've nurtured. Here's to you – the heartbeat of our platform's journey.

With gratitude,​

Team Infino

a logo for the infino group
a logo for the infino group